Thursday, April 17, 2008

Part Deux

I didn't have a chance to draw anything new today, so I'm cheating and posting some older stuff.

The first is just a pencil drawing I did in my sketchbook way back last Fall sometime, I believe. No real inspiration other than a sudden urge to draw a hapless dude who tried to kill a massive beastie with a sword that just didn't cut it.

The second is a drawing that I did a couple of months ago with the intention of giving it to my lovely girlfriend, but I have not colored it yet, so it sits on my desk until I do. And since she's probably the only one reading this right now, sorry babe!

NY Comic Con is this weekend. Last year was a good time. I accidentally showed Dustin Nguyen a couple of character sketches that inadvertantly slipped out of my sketchbook as I handed it to him asking for a quick sketch of Grifter from WildCATS. He said it was some pretty "sick" stuff, but he was probably just being nice.

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Cheryl said...

I enjoy all your drawings, no matter how long they take for you to complete. It is always worth it once I see the final outcome. I love you babes. You have an amazing talent and maybe someone out there will see it too!