Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monthly =/= Daily

So, yeah, it's been a while. I'll post some stuff I scribbled since my last update.

Here's a ninja girl, drawn in ballpoint pen. Hey, I work with what I've got.

And here's a lady with a large blade, a flying serpent pet thing, and an attitude. Technically, this one's a little old. I was doodling while in the waiting room at the hospital, eagerly awaiting the birth of my girlfriend's niece, Bella.

Here's some fairies playing around. Oh, those fairies, how they do love to play.

This was just a random character sketch. I guess he can control fire.

And today, I drew a little Hellboy. Because Hellboy is awesome.

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Ralf Haring said...

Hellboy is indeed awesome.